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US CCOs earn more than their FTSE100 Group UK Corporate Comms/Affairs Directors counterparts

Each year Watson Helsby publishes its' annual FTSE 100 Group Corporate Communications/Affairs Director survey. We thought it would be interesting to compare our findings with Korn Ferry's most recent Chief Communications Officer (CCO) survey of Fortune 500 Chief Communications Officers, where comparable data sets exist in each survey. Since the corporate affairs director position/title is…

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Marrying reputation risk with strategic reputation management

The rigour and modelling methodologies that are often found in the Strategic Risk practices of the management consultancies have rarely combined well with the strategic reputation management expertise found in some communications consultancies.  It was, therefore, interesting to see that H-K Bryn, former partner for Strategic Risk at Deloitte, has teamed up with the Headland Consultancy to launch a new reputation…

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Does the external affairs function need to be reinvented?

A recent McKinsey survey – “How to reinvent the external affairs function” – undertaken amongst a sample of executives (it did not specify titles) revealed a dissatisfaction with the capability of their external affairs teams. A few stats stand out: “Only 11% of executives said their companies frequently succeeded at shaping government and regulatory decisions.” And there were no regions or…

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