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FTSE 100 Group Corporate Communications/Affairs Director Survey

Our latest FTSE 100 Group Corporate Communications/Affairs Director Survey (2015/2016) is now available.  This has become the most comprehensive and insightful survey of its type, in terms of both the number of companies surveyed (over 90) and the range of questions we ask/themes we investigate. …

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It’s “tone at the middle” not “tone at the top”

With the recent spate of corporate scandals in mind, many of which have been behaviour-related, it is worth referencing a report published earlier this year by Thomson Reuters (written by Dr Roger Miles, an expert in behavioural economics and conduct risk) entitled “Tracing the true…

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Who's leading on reputation risk?

Reputation risk is a hot topic right now and a major preoccupation for most boards who are looking for reassurance that reputation risk is being managed systematically, and with the same rigour and frameworks, as every other risk.  The City is increasingly also looking for evidence that reputation management and intelligence systems are in place.  There is an opportunity here for…

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