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5 reasons leaders fail to recognise the strategic value of internal communications & engagement?

The ability to communicate has been considered a key competency for business leaders for several years now.  Although a growing proportion of leaders are natural communicators and readily prepared to invest valuable personal time in it, there are still many who are not.  That comes across clearly, and the reasons explained, in the longer version of our latest report, “The…

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“Work is a social experience”. Do companies go out of their way to make sure it’s not like that?

This is a quote from our latest report, “The Missing Link”, which examines the importance of the employee experience and how companies so often neglect this fundamental concept, or fail to consider it as a strategic priority – is this your experience? Our research also highlights a number of developments that have further underlined the importance of the employee experience and the…

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Who really matters?

The majority of companies and their leadership teams, obsess about the perceptions of external stakeholders to the detriment of their key internal audience, employees according to our latest report, “The Missing Link”, backed up (and observed) by no shortage of anecdotal evidence. Employees have tended to lag behind other audiences in the overall stakeholder hierarchy, although the situation is changing, and culture…

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