FTSE 100 Director of Corporate Affairs/Comms Survey – 2014 results

26 January 2015

Watson Helsby’s latest FTSE 100 Group Director of Corporate Affairs/Communications Survey is published today http://goo.gl/5FxkZA. This analysis covers 99 of the FTSE 100, making it the most comprehensive survey available. Key findings include:

  • 22% of FTSE 100s still do not believe in the need for the role and that only 43% of those FTSE 100s that do employ a Group Director of Corporate Affairs/Communications regard it as an Executive Committee post
  • Salaries vary significantly between those Group Corporate Affairs/Communications Directors in a FTSE 20 versus those working for lower ranking FTSE 100s. For instance the average salary for a FTSE 20 Group Corporate Affairs/Communications Director is £340,000 whereas the average salary for a Group Corporate Affairs/Communications Director working in a FTSE 40 – 60 is £195,000. Equally the size of bonuses and LTIPs varies
  • 75% of FTSE 100 Group Corporate Affairs/Communications Directors report to the CEO, up from 70% last year
  • 11% of FTSE 100s changed their Group Corporate Affairs/Communications Directors during 2014. 46% of these new appointments were made from within the company. 54% were hired externally
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