The Missing Link

The research that I frequently blogged about last year is finally about to see the light of day. Entitled “The Missing Link”, it takes as its premise the fact that culture, purpose, brand and the overall employee experience, along with the factors that influence all of these, are still, by and large (and there are exceptions), not a strategic priority for most organisations.

The report, based on interviews with senior executives in HR, OD and communications, reveals that still too few organisations operate on the principle, either intellectually or operationally, that a brand and reputation is built from the inside out.

Christopher Nassatta, CEO of Hilton, makes the point elegantly when he says “we are people serving people”. Painting a picture of a future that motivates frontline staff and building a culture united behind a meaningful purpose and strong values, he argues, is the roadmap to growth. There is no shortage of research that has proven beyond doubt that there is a clear straight line (and correlation) between culture, employee experience and performance. Yet our research reveals that many businesses and functions still think in traditional, siloed functional lines.

In the report we identify the absence of any holistic management of the link between internal motivation, engagement and experience and external brand, reputation and experience, and propose the creation of a new multi-disciplining, digitally savvy ‘dream team’ that would bring together four key capabilities to transform the traditional organisational model (we shall elaborate on these in a subsequent blog).

As culture, purpose and brand converge, leaders should expect a more transformative effort from communications, HR and marketing to bring them all to life and make them feel real - to make the whole bigger than the sum of the parts. They all fundamentally influence the employee experience as well as the reputation of the organisation. They, therefore, need to be joined-up and not approached in silos, which calls for seamless integration, oversight and management.

If you would like a copy of the executive summery, comment below, we would be delighted to share.

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