The Changing Face of Public Affairs (2012)

Over the past five years the political and regulatory context within which companies operate has changed substantially.

A Global Survey by McKinsey (“How business interacts with government”, McKinsey & Company, 2010) concluded that “Government is likelier to affect companies’ economic outcome than any other set of stakeholders except customers.” The results also showed that most executives expect Government involvement in their industries to continue increasing.

As an executive search firm that helps companies strengthen their senior level public affairs and government relations capability, we undertook a research study to explore the implications of this assertion on the role, value and status of the public affairs function. Interviewees included public affairs and public policy heads in both multi-nationals and smaller UK-focused plcs, a number of government ministers and special advisors as well as owners of public affairs consultancies.

The overriding aim of this research study was:

  1. To provide an in-depth analysis of the developments impacting the role and contribution of the public affairs function together with the environment within which it operates.
  2. To provide an informed view of how and where the function needs to evolve or enhance the value it brings to an organisation (what are the attributes of a world-class public or government affairs function?).
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The Changing Face of Public Affairs (2012)