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Injecting a dose of strategic rigour into internal communications

With COVID on the march again, along with the PM’s U-turn on encouraging office workers back to their desks, companies will inevitably be communicating their updated quasi lockdown guidance and policies to employees. They will also be redoubling their efforts to support and protect employees and to support their mental well-being, something that most companies have put enormous effort into since…

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Changes in the corporate affairs landscape and the organisation of the function

Soon we will start gathering data and insight for our annual FTSE100 Director of Group Corporate Communications & Affairs survey. This year we will be exploring the usual topics through a COVID lens (budget cutbacks, salary freezes etc.) as well as adding a few COVID related questions to the questionnaire. It…

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Getting a business to a better place – the role of Corporate Affairs in an uncertain world

Three things seem certain in the coming year(s); continued uncertainty and volatility, that many businesses will have to reshape their business models and structures (with inevitable job losses), the conduct of business will be intensely scrutinised and held to ever more exacting standards, and the current (relative) positive sentiment towards business and its leaders will be stress tested against an…

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