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Getting a business to a better place – the role of Corporate Affairs in an uncertain world

Three things seem certain in the coming year(s); continued uncertainty and volatility, that many businesses will have to reshape their business models and structures (with inevitable job losses), the conduct of business will be intensely scrutinised and held to ever more exacting standards, and the current (relative) positive sentiment towards business and its leaders will be stress tested against an…

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Business resilience and reputation are increasingly dependent on purpose, character and values

Although COVID may not have made companies question why they exist (purpose), it has certainly focused the minds of most leaders on their broader societal responsibilities. Companies have been leaning over backwards to find ways of using their resources to contribute to the effort and to make the right societal response, and to seen to be doing so. “Doing the right…

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Necessity is the mother of invention.....and change

The perspective of corporate affairs and communications leaders, and the world they inhabit, has framed the content of our blogs since March. They, along with IT and HR, have been at the sharp end of the corporate response to the pandemic, coordinating it and frequently leading it. Without their insights, and willingness to talk candidly, there would be no blogs. In this…

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