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Necessity is the mother of invention.....and change

The perspective of corporate affairs and communications leaders, and the world they inhabit, has framed the content of our blogs since March. They, along with IT and HR, have been at the sharp end of the corporate response to the pandemic, coordinating it and frequently leading it. Without their insights, and willingness to talk candidly, there would be no blogs. In this…

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The power of language and human connection – the Communications function states its case

Another communiqué from the front line, with insights, anecdotes and quotes derived from a number of interesting conversations with senior communications and HR executives as well as consultancy leaders. Until this crisis arrived, it is probably fair to say internal communications was some way from being an established business discipline. It is also not unreasonable to state that…

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The silver lining of deeper employee engagement....and other stories of humanity

Every crisis has its silver lining, where some good comes of it, and in the case of Covid-19 it could well be the humanity that companies have discovered. Over recent weeks we have heard many heartening stories, mainly from corporate comms/affairs and internal communications directors, about the herculean efforts that companies are making to assuage the anxieties…

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