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Who really matters?

The majority of companies and their leadership teams, obsess about the perceptions of external stakeholders to the detriment of their key internal audience, employees according to our latest report, “The Missing Link”, backed up (and observed) by no shortage of anecdotal evidence. Employees have tended to lag behind other audiences in the overall stakeholder hierarchy, although the situation is changing, and culture…

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The Missing Link

The research that I frequently blogged about last year is finally about to see the light of day. Entitled “The Missing Link”, it takes as its premise the fact that culture, purpose, brand and the overall employee experience, along with the factors that influence all of these, are still, by and large (and there are exceptions), not a strategic priority for…

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We have recently had a blog posted on the Arthur Page website, which looks at the reasons behind the elevation of the role to the ExCo. We identified the convergence of three developments:

In our most recent (2016/17) FTSE 100 Group Corporate Communications/Affairs Director Survey, Watson Helsby, the specialist communications and government relations executive search firm, disclosed that over 51% of FTSE 100 group corporate communications/affairs directors are now formal members of their respective executive committees. This is the first year that this is now a majority, albeit a marginal one. We…

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