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Professionalising story telling

As the opportunities to engage customers and other stakeholders with powerful and emotionally engaging visual content continues to proliferate it is interesting to see how companies are going about building this capability. It is not historically a core skill of PR/communications and yet, in this deficit attention world, the ability to capture people’s attention is imperative. Back in October 2016 PR Week…

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The Fog of Brexit

Last week, I attended one of the many Brexit events that have been organised over recent months. Hosted by a leading law firm, it boasted an impressive and well-informed panel. One of the key discussion points, not surprisingly, was… how do organisations ensure that they understand the debate and the direction that the Brexit negotiations will take and, more importantly, how do…

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US CCOs earn more than their FTSE100 Group UK Corporate Comms/Affairs Directors counterparts

Each year Watson Helsby publishes its' annual FTSE 100 Group Corporate Communications/Affairs Director survey. We thought it would be interesting to compare our findings with Korn Ferry's most recent Chief Communications Officer (CCO) survey of Fortune 500 Chief Communications Officers, where comparable data sets exist in each survey. Since the corporate affairs director position/title is…

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