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Why does HR get frustrated with internal communications?

In a blog last week I referred to a new research study we are shortly to publish based on interviews with an eclectic mix of senior executives from HR, culture, communications, brand and employee experience, all of whom share direct and common experience of how their leaders communicate, engage and connect with their employees as well as the strategies –…

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Joining-up culture, brand & reputation

Over the past year, Watson Helsby has been conducting an extensive research study to explore the following questions: To what degree is internal communications used and valued as an integral, strategic business discipline and what is the evidence for this? Are organisations taking a more integrated and coherent approach to culture, brand, and communications and the overall employee experience? If so, what does…

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Professionalising story telling

As the opportunities to engage customers and other stakeholders with powerful and emotionally engaging visual content continues to proliferate it is interesting to see how companies are going about building this capability. It is not historically a core skill of PR/communications and yet, in this deficit attention world, the ability to capture people’s attention is imperative. Back in October 2016 PR Week…

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