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Who should play the role of consigliere to the CEO?

In a recent article in HR Magazine, Richard Hytner suggests that the HR Director is the most obvious person to play the role of consigliere to the CEO. He has just published a book called ‘Consigliere: Leading from the Shadows. There is no doubt CEOs have a lonely job and most would admit to…

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What's the future of the CCO role?

Somewhat belatedly, since it was published in March, I am flagging a new research study, published by the Arthur Page Society (a US based professional association for senior PR and corporate communications executives), which explores the future of the Chief Communications Officer (CCO) role here: The research was led and co-authored by Jon Iwata, SVP of…

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Is corporate communications really embracing data and insight?

In a recent conversation with a large FTSE 100 retail bank, one of their communications leaders told me that the capability gap that concerned them most was in data analysis. This is now their main hiring priority. And in a recent discussion of the findings of the latest Arthur Page Society report, “The New CCO: Transforming Enterprises in a Changing…

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