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It’s “tone at the middle” not “tone at the top”

With the recent spate of corporate scandals in mind, many of which have been behaviour-related, it is worth referencing a report published earlier this year by Thomson Reuters (written by Dr Roger Miles, an expert in behavioural economics and conduct risk) entitled “Tracing the true…

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Who's leading on reputation risk?

Reputation risk is a hot topic right now and a major preoccupation for most boards who are looking for reassurance that reputation risk is being managed systematically, and with the same rigour and frameworks, as every other risk.  The City is increasingly also looking for evidence that reputation management and intelligence systems are in place.  There is an opportunity here for…

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Is corporate communications really embracing data and insight?

In a recent conversation with a large FTSE 100 retail bank, one of their communications leaders told me that the capability gap that concerned them most was in data analysis. This is now their main hiring priority. And in a recent discussion of the findings of the latest Arthur Page Society report, “The New CCO: Transforming Enterprises in a Changing…

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