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European Association of Communications Directors (EACD)

At the European Association of Communications Directors’ Conference in Brussels last week there was frequent reference to a development, probably more prominent in the US, which is the integration of the marketing and corporate communications/affairs functions. Historically corporate communications has concerned itself with traditional ‘corporate’ stakeholder and marketing has focused on the consumer of customer.  However the lines between ‘corporate’ and…

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"Staying on the front foot"

Our latest research report, “Staying on the front foot”, is published this week. Drawing on both our observations as specialist headhunters and on interviews with respected corporate affairs directors it describes, in considerable depth, the unique contribution of the corporate affairs leader, and their team, to the leadership and success of an organisation. This analysis is accompanied…

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What happens when general counsel leads the corporate affairs function?

Over recent weeks I have had a number of conversations about the impact on the role and contribution of the corporate affairs function when it is led by a corporate lawyer (i.e. general counsel). And the subject cropped up again today over lunch. There is no doubt that CEOs of companies in heavily regulated industry sectors (e.g. tobacco) feel more…

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