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The silver lining of deeper employee engagement....and other stories of humanity

Every crisis has its silver lining, where some good comes of it, and in the case of Covid-19 it could well be the humanity that companies have discovered. Over recent weeks we have heard many heartening stories, mainly from corporate comms/affairs and internal communications directors, about the herculean efforts that companies are making to assuage the anxieties…

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Corporate Communications – dispatches from the front line

Over the past few weeks we have been talking to corporate communications/affairs directors (for simplicity I will use corporate comms) in a number of well known organisations to learn first hand of their experiences on the front line. Along with HR and IT, the communications function has been in the eye of the storm, with companies constantly having to communicate,…

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Internal communications: A defining moment but a big test of leadership and capability

It is normally external communications that gets all the recognition and accolades (assuming any are given out) when an organisation is dealing with a crisis and its response to it. In the case of this pandemic - partly because no one company is being singled out and receiving the full glare of media scrutiny, but mainly because of the universal…

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