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Internal communications: A defining moment but a big test of leadership and capability

It is normally external communications that gets all the recognition and accolades (assuming any are given out) when an organisation is dealing with a crisis and its response to it. In the case of this pandemic - partly because no one company is being singled out and receiving the full glare of media scrutiny, but mainly because of the universal…

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The essential qualities of a communications director in times of crisis

In a crisis, and we are now a few weeks into the crisis of all crises, there are certain qualities that high calibre corporate communications/affairs leaders (and their teams) must demonstrate in order to help an organisation to deftly navigate its way through uncertain and challenging times.  Four of these are absolutely paramount and they are by no means commonplace…

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Crises expose communications capability shortcomings

It is often said that that it takes a crisis for a company, more specifically its executive team, to appreciate and recognise the value of a strong corporate communications function with senior management level leadership If that is truly the case, the communications function will be due a widespread re-calibration of its importance and value when this COVID-19 crisis comes to…

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