FTSE 100 Group Corporate Communications/Affairs Director Survey

Our latest FTSE 100 Group Corporate Communications/Affairs Director Survey (2015/2016) is now available.  This has become the most comprehensive and insightful survey of its type, in terms of both the number of companies surveyed (over 90) and the range of questions we ask/themes we investigate.

 This year we have added further questions (e.g. gender breakdown of those on the ExCo and profile/background of Corporate Communications/Affairs Directors in the FTSE 100) in order to provide further and deeper insight.

 80% of FTSE 100s now employ a Group Communication/Affairs Director, up from 77% last year.  Clearly this figure is not an exact year-on-year comparison because the composition of the FTSE 100 will have changed.  Those companies that do not employ one are B2B companies with a reasonably low profile operating in sectors with low political, regulatory and media scrutiny and  where reputation is not seen as a strategic asset that requires any significant investment or senior level capability.  The DNA/culture of these companies (and their leadership) is one that simply does not seek publicity or profile, indeed actively wants to avoid it.

 There are more women in senior corporate communications/affairs positions than last year, with 47% of FTSE 100 corporate communications/affairs directors being women (vs. 44% last year).

 Membership of the Executive Committee has increased, this year 47% of Corporate Communications/Affairs Directors are formal members of the ExCo, vs. 43% in 2014/2015.

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