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In a blog earlier in the week we referenced the release of the Watson Helsby 2019/20 FTSE 100 Group Corporate Communications/Affairs Director survey, now in its sixth year.

Below are some of the headline findings:

  • Average salaries and average headcount for the function has dropped across the FTSE100 since 2018

  • There is a gender pay gap – across the FTSE 100 female group corporate communications/affairs directors are paid a salary that is on average 7.5% lower than their male counterparts

  • 44% of corporate comms/affairs directors are female, up from 39% last year but still beneath the 51% recorded in 201/17. The proportion of women increases as market cap decreases (20% are female in the FTSE 20 whereas 58% are female in the lower half of the FTSE 100), a marked difference

  • The gulf between the largest and smallest teams remains substantial, from over 500 strong at the top of the FTSE 100 down to five in the bottom decile

  • Headcount in group corporate communications/affairs teams has decreased across the FTSE 100 – for instance in the FTSE 20 the average size of team is 280 vs 330 in the last survey

  • Over 60% said that Sustainability had become a much bigger and time consuming part of their role. One of our interviewees remarked “Our key drivers of reputation sit in this area – it’s pretty well constant now”

  • 46% of corporate comms/affairs leaders are responsible for leading and delivering the purpose agenda and only 40% thought the purpose of their company was established and understood

  • Better news on budgets – this year 32% of interviewees reported increased in their budget for the year ahead compares to 10% last year

  • The past year has seen less change at the top than in previous years with only nine new appointments. However given the fact that there have been 44 new appointments over the past 3 years, 62% of the FTSE 100 Group Corporate Comms/Affairs leaders have been in post for less than 3 years. In our 2016/17 survey the equivalent figure was 25%

  • 62% reported that Board interaction and exposure has increased because the corporate governance picture has changed and Boards are looking for more stakeholder insight than they did previously

  • FTSE 100 CEOs prize the ability and insight to bring strategic clarity to a world that never fails to get more complex and where reputation risk and issues continue to accelerate and intensify. If corporate comms/affairs directors cannot bring this, then they are unlikely to secure a place at the top table.

If you would like to download a copy of the survey, please CLICK HERE

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