Marrying reputation risk with strategic reputation management

The rigour and modelling methodologies that are often found in the Strategic Risk practices of the management consultancies have rarely combined well with the strategic reputation management expertise found in some communications consultancies. 

It was, therefore, interesting to see that H-K Bryn, former partner for Strategic Risk at Deloitte, has teamed up with the Headland Consultancy to launch a new reputation risk proposition for companies. The aim is to bring together high-level reputation advice with industry-leading risk management, and thereby provide companies with a holistic review of reputation and risk. 

H-K, who I know, believes the offer “brings a fresh approach to modelling the commercial upside and downside of reputation risk – especially around all the big investment decisions, for example new product launches, M&A activity and changing sourcing strategy”.

 As H-K also pointed out, in-house corporate affairs and risk teams have distinct areas of focus and often differences in approach, language and assessment methodologies. “They need to work together (better) to deliver a more holistic evaluation of the strategic and investment decisions facing a company” he observed. He and Headland hope that their new offer may help bring the two together, “allowing these functional siloes to become more than the sum of their parts”.

 It is an interesting idea and one that should get a positive response, because there is undoubtedly a gap in the market for it.

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