Why does HR get frustrated with internal communications?

In a blog last week I referred to a new research study we are shortly to publish based on interviews with an eclectic mix of senior executives from HR, culture, communications, brand and employee experience, all of whom share direct and common experience of how their leaders communicate, engage and connect with their employees as well as the strategies – or lack of them – that these leaders employ to manage their cultures. I touched on the point that the internal environment – culture, employee experience, communications – is so often subordinated to the external environment by business leaders. 

Continuing this theme, during the interviews we picked up on some frustration amongst HRDs, some of whom believe that the strategic planning and investment that they see being routinely directed at external communications/engagement is not replicated internally. They even sometimes suspect that the best communications people are in external communications and therefore not available to them. As one HR director explained to us:

“Rarely do HR and Communications sit down and agree the employee experience communications strategy with the same meticulous planning as external communications; mapping out the annual cycle, and agreeing how best to communicate internally – and increasingly how to get employees to communicate authentically their experience externally, via their own social networks”.

In fact our research reveals a widespread lack of rapport and understanding between HR and communications (56% of interviewees), which goes both ways yet successful integration of the HR and communications is a critical component of the motivation and engagement task, as well as the successful delivery of change and transformation programmes.

The research will be published shortly, please let us know if you would like a copy if you haven't already.

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