Specialist Headhunters in Corporate Communications & Corporate Affairs

At a time of increasing stakeholder activism, scrutiny and interference, the Communications/Corporate Affairs function is now recognised as playing a key role in protecting and advancing the interests of an organisation. Anticipating, understanding and responding to the fast-changing moods and behaviour of stakeholders, whose expectations, opinions and actions can rapidly affect a company’s reputation, requires insight, first-class judgement, a steady nerve and strong leadership.

Our understanding of the function and the responsibilities and capabilities required of it (see our report, “Corporate Affairs – fit for purpose in a downturn?”), means that organisations come to us for industry insights and broader capability building advice as well as executive search expertise.

Watson Helsby is an executive search firm that helps large organisations build and strengthen their communications and corporate affairs capability.

Find out how we can help strengthen the performance of your communications and corporate affairs team, email: info@watsonhelsby.co.uk

“Watson Helsby have deep insight into the world of corporate communications. Their research, generated from a formidable network of contacts across the industry has provided genuine thought leadership for practitioners.” Peter Morgan, Director of Communications, Rolls Royce