Specialist Headhunters in Corporate Responsibility and Stakeholder Relations

Corporate responsibility (CR), or Sustainability Management, is an exciting area of management practice that has developed in leaps and bounds in the past 15 years. From modest origins, a growing body of corporate practice is emerging that recognises that creating a successful and sustainable business requires more than just a healthy balance sheet. As a result, corporate responsibility has become an inescapable priority for many companies.

A key aspect of corporate responsibility is stakeholder relations. Governments, issue groups and the media have grown more aggressive and effective in bringing public pressure to bear on corporations, and at holding them to account for the social and environmental consequences of their activities. Managing stakeholder relations and dialogue is therefore a critical activity for many global organisations. Companies that do this well have seen the benefits, with a shift in relations with stakeholders occurring; more collaboration and less confrontation.

Watson Helsby has conducted a number of senior CR executive searches and is in constant dialogue with practitioners and opinion formers in this field. We are therefore equipped to provide headhunting expertise and broader marketplace insight and advice.

Watson Helsby is an executive search firm that helps large organisations build and strengthen their corporate responsibility capability.

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“Governments, activists and the media have become adept at holding companies responsible for the social and environmental consequences of their activities.” Michael Porter