Specialist Headhunters in Internal and Change Communications

Having published two research reports on the subject of internal communications and conducted many searches in the area, we can legitimately claim to have a better knowledge and understanding of the discipline than any other headhunting firm. Historically it has played second fiddle to external communications, but the increasing pace of corporate change has now made it a permanent and prominent feature on most business leaders’ agendas. (See our report “Internal Communications – more to deliver”).

Increasingly, CEOs and their senior directors want to be active and visible communicators of their corporate story and they need and expect internal communications to deliver an outstanding service in this area, setting up programmes and channels that allow them to listen as much as they ‘broadcast’.

As the volume of change and business transformation projects has increased – and internal communications has become a recognised enabler and facilitator of change – so have the volume of internal communications assignments we have been asked to conduct.

Watson Helsby is an executive search firm that helps large organisations build and strengthen their internal communications capability.

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“The growth in internal communications has, in many companies, created a situation where there is too much communication, much of it badly targeted and much of it unconnected to any defined business outcome.” Head of Internal Communications, FTSE100