Specialist Headhunters in Investor Relations

IR is an established and highly regarded management discipline that possesses a great deal of authority in its own right. IR directors are frequently highly experienced individuals, often viewed as part of the leadership team, and regarded as a key appointment, not just internally but by the investment community itself.

Watson Helsby’s report, “A window out, a window in” identifies the principal attributes of a world-class IR function. These are:

  1. A detailed and encyclopaedic knowledge of the business
  2. Strong network of connections within, and good access to, all parts of the business. Internal relationships are critical.
  3. The ability to communicate effectively and to extract messages from a strategy and deliver them with ‘colour’
  4. A detailed understanding of how global financial markets work and deep understanding of the drivers of sell-side and buy-side behaviour
  5. Strong strategic thinker – the function should provide a clear, longer-term, strategic view of communications with financial audiences
  6. Intimate knowledge of the stakeholder base combined with the antennae and relationships to pick up on investor mood and sentiment.

We have conducted a number of senior IR executive searches and can provide companies with sound advice and counsel as to how best to approach and search for a Head of IR.

Watson Helsby is an executive search firm that helps large organisations build and strengthen their investor relations capability.

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“Watson Helsby’s investor relations research has proved to be a valuable point of reference, both in terms of the analysis of the role and its articulation of what good IR should look like.” Steve Atkinson, Director of Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered