Specialist Headhunters in Public Affairs, Policy and Political Risk

There has been a distinct mood-change in the way in which politicians interact with business. Furthermore, the financial crisis, which has shaken faith in the efficiency and fairness of the free markets has made government intervention both more acceptable and more likely.

The role of public affairs is to engage officials and politicians, as well as those that influence policy makers – NGOs, interest groups and think tanks – with an evidence-based business case that will secure a policy outcome that is favourable to the organisation.

The function also has responsibility for helping boards and senior teams understand the political and regulatory implications of different strategy options together with the policy developments that have the potential to impact the business.

This has prompted senior management to become considerably more interested in, and demanding of, the contribution and capability of its public affairs or government relations resource. Watson Helsby’s study, “The Changing Face of Public Affairs” explores the implications of this dynamic of the role and perceived value of the public affairs function.

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“Public Affairs is now a commercial imperative – it can help avoid excessive cost being put upon the business.” Director of Group Public Affairs & Policy, FTSE100